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You have reached this page because:

1. You are having problems logging in to Overdrive!

Problem: Your Card and Pin numbers are not working
Fix: Reply to the e-mail you received (with the numbers) and we will fix it.

Problem: You put in your local library name and Overdrive did not find it.
Fix: Your library name is: "Douglas Community Library Association".

2. You want to sign-up for one year of access to Library2Go ($25 Annual Fee)

View the Library2Go collection.

Pay the $25 fee for one year of access!

The $25 annual fee gives you access to Library2Go for one year from your registration date. The annual user fee is a path to purchasing access to new Library2Go materials. Since the DCLA is a volunteer run organization, the fee (minus .85 cents for online processing) will be completely devoted to sustaining and expanding the DCLA Library2Go material access. When we purchase new e-books and audiobooks, user recommendations are given high priority.


About the DCLA and Library2Go

DCLA & Library2Go Arrangement
Library2Go is a service provided by Overdrive®, Inc. The DCLA Board's annual commitment to providing access to new books and audio books is $6,000. Since the cost of access to a popular new e-book is approximately $65 and to an audio book is about $85, the DCLA board estimates that the $6,000 amount will purchase access to about a 70-100 items each year. However,for the most part, once access is purchased, it continues as long as the DCLA renews the annual Overdrive® contract. This means that the DCLA collection may grow at 100 e-books or 70 audio books annually. Moreover, grants and the forthcoming fees can fund additional material access beyond the basic $6,000 annual commitment.

Advantages New Smaller Collection
Although the DCLA Library2Go will initially purchase access to less than 100 items, it is important to note that there are only about 6,000 members registered at the eight re-opened County libraries. Not all of the these 6,000 patrons will be interested in this service - especially after we begin charging an annual fee. When I used the Douglas County Library System's Library2Go, the system was a member of a Oregon Digital Library Consortium that then served thirty-four Oregon libraries. Many of these libraries are located in larger cities and statewide the possible user count is over several hundred thousand cardholders. The large user base, creates a lively competition for newer books and audios. Also, since the consortium had been buying access to e-books and audios for over 10 years, many of its materials were no longer new or popular. As a longtime user of the consortium's Library2Go, I often had to wait several weeks to download new or popular books. However, the happy result of starting a new service is that the DCLA will only be purchasing new or popular materials and because there will be a small pool of initial L2G users, the materials will be more readily available. As time passes, the L2G users will increase but also access to new materials will continue to be added, A win, win!